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Having to handle 3 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 guinea pig, 2 hamsters and a dead fish (don’t tell the kids), Stephanie looks forward to getting out of the house to escape, vent, and make people laugh.

Along with performing stand-up comedy in clubs throughout New York, L.A. and Las Vegas, Stephanie stars in the us pharmacy no prescription neurontinand where can i buy gabapentin uk.  She guests on shows like neurontin online, The Marie Osmond Showhow to get gabapentin online as well as producing and scripting can u buy neurontin online and her web series, buy gabapentin 300mg ukan irreverent look at motherhood. Currently, she’s one of the most popular comedy headliners on Holland America Cruise Lines.

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gabapentin buy online australiaThroughout her career, comedian Stephanie Blum has brought audiences into hysterics with her take-no-prisoners approach to stand up.  As a mother of three and former school psychologist, this street smart Brooklyn native has a strong opinion on just about everything, especially parenting, marriage and her most guilty pleasure, pop-culture.

She inspires audiences with her highly-acclaimed one woman stage show, When I Cough, I Wet Myself and contributes her humorous writing talent to Child Magazine, Parents Magazine, The Hot Moms Club and The Comedy Thesaurus.

Stephanie was crowned New York’s Funniest Female, chosen for HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival and recognized by The New York Times  as “a woman with a sitcom life” consisting of her mentally ill brother and hypochondriac father. Look for her new book and solo show coming in the Fall.

Stephanie Blum holds a New York State license in School Psychology.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the State University of New York at Oneonta and a master’s degree in Education and Certification in School Psychology from Brooklyn College.

Stephanie currently lives in L.A. with her husband and three children.



Blum, who has a master’s in school psychology, writes all her own material and delivers it with a piercing wit that is both endearing and hilarious.

– Linda Lombrosco, Gannett

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Published Works

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Psychologists are known for insights, but not for humor. Freud and Jung could never have played the Catskills. Ms. Blum mines motherhood for material and her big finish won the first standing ovation of the night.”

– Marek Fuchs, The New York Times

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Buy gabapentin for dogs, Neurontin online no script


 What I especially enjoy about Blum’s work is how funny the truth can be in her very capable comedic hands. Her smart observations, natural storytelling ability and apathetic coping skills are laugh-out-loud silly and very accessible.”

– Amelia David, Backstage Magazine

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